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Pure Ballast 3.1 is the new generation of leading technology, improved with the knowledge only real-world experience provides.


Main plus:

> No temperature limitations for sea water, unlike the electrochemical systems

> No temperature limitations of the sea water salinity, unlike the electrochemical systems

> Suitable for use in freshwater, salt water, brackish water

> Operation guaranteed with UVT (transmittance water) up to 42%

> Low power consumption, modulated as a function of transmittance water

> Available in modular version, compact and with small spaces maintenance

> Absence of “consumables” for the treatment of sea water

> Long life UV lamp (3000 hours)

> Self-cleaning filter

> Absence of lamps maintenance thanks to the CIP unit (which automatically cleans the lamps every 30 hours of operation and keeping them efficient avoiding manual maintenance, which can create cracks and opacification of UV lamps)

> IMO Certified Systems (PureBallast 3.0 e 3.1) upgradeable to USCG certification

> Global service network


Though 50% smaller than its predecessors, it uses up to 60% less energy and handles flows of up to 6000 m3/h. Pure Ballast, the system that first led the way in ballast water treatment, is once again defining the cutting edge.

In Pure Ballast 3.1, every aspect has been re-examined, including the reactor, which has been rethought both inside and out. While the treatment principles remain unchanged, the optimized construction and flow let one energy-efficient reactor do what four reactors did before. With its optimized reactor design, PureBallast 3.1 offers a minimum energy savings of 30% over its predecessor. Operating at a full power of just 100 kW per 1000 m3/h, it can also be “dimmed” by up to 50% when water quality allows. This automatic function potentially doubles your energy savings – to as much as 60% over the previous version.

Pure Ballast 3.1 comes with the assurance only a global marine supplier can provide. Active in ballast water treatment from the beginning, Alfa Laval is present all over the world. That means easy access to parts, service and advice – in ballast water treatment and beyond.