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Finixa DGR 05/25 is a solvent free, waterbased cleaner. Can be used to remove dirt, dust, swarf and to degrease all kind of surfaces such as old paint layers, transport primer, other primers, metal (steel, but also aluminum and galvanized pieces) and plastic. To remove rests of tar or glue we recommend to use a solvent-based degreaser, but for all other pollution (fly, dirt, sanding dust, fat, finger prints, swarf, …) this waterbased cleaner offers a lot of advantages compared with the solventbased one:


– Nature friendly, biodegradable
– Conforms to VOC, according to 2004/42/EG.
– Antistatic action on the surface
– Can be used without wearing a mask
– Low degree of evaporation, loosens easily surface dirt and makes it easier to remove dirt
– Leaves no traces
– Universal product to prepare sanding, spraying and cleaning
– Eliminates salt and soap rests
– Perfectly suitable to prepare painting with waterbased or solventbased paints
– Affects no rubbers or plastic
– Never damages to lacquers
– We recommend to always use in combination with degreasing cloth suitable for waterbased products


How to use:
spray the product on the surface that needs to be degreased, loosen dirt with a first degreasing cloth in combination with the sprayed degreaser and remove the dirt with a second degreasing cloth and dry the surface.


– Available in 5 L, 25 L and 200 L containers
– Never dilute the product and store frost-free
– Facilitates the ease of use to clean and degrease a surface

  • Code: DGR 05 | Description: waterbased degreaser 5L | Box: 1
  • Code: DGR 25 | Description: waterbased degreaser 25L  | Box: 1
  • Code: DGR 200 | Description: waterbased degreaser 200L | Box: 1